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River Heights - Fort Garry Ward

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We can solve many of the issues facing our city by implementing a proper risk management strategy to ensure integrity in local government and the proper use of taxpayers' money. 


A lack of transparency, over-delegation of duties and decision-making authority without proper oversight can lead to unreasonable decision-making and create conditions for misuse of taxpayer funds.


To start we must dissolve the Executive Policy Committee (EPC) as it is not democratic. Each member of Council must have an equal voice/vote 


Conflict of interest and corruption are difficult to detect in any organization and may flourish when all parties are not privy to key information.


All Council members must have an opportunity to review reports & seek further information on subjects prior to being called upon to vote.

                    Dear Friends & Neighbours                                           
  My name is Gary Lenko, I'm a longtime resident of Fort Garry        I hope to earn your trust and support in the upcoming election. I will be sharing my plans on how we can best move forward in solving issues while being accountable to taxpayers 

Please call or text me (204) 510-0099 I hope to talk to many more constituents in the coming weeks to hear your views and ideas  It is important to vote as the local level of government has the greatest capacity to affect change in the daily lives of residents 




Roads, sidewalks, bridges, water & sewer systems - we will repair, replace & maintain our core infrastructure I would ensure that the city’s 2% annual property tax increase is used exclusively for street and sidewalk repair, while the city is using the vast majority of the revenue generated from the 2% property tax increases to fix streets they’re also simultaneously reducing the base funding for road repair & diverting funds to other projects. I would advocate for a 1% - 2% share of the provincial sales tax that would be dedicated to road & sidewalk repair and renewal. I would utilize our highly skilled city workers whenever possible rather than hiring private contractors

Transit safety & increase ridership - Right now we need to implement better overall route scheduling, new feeder routes, more buses, a frequent service network. Fund and maintain our core-transit service and implement proactive measures to ensure safety for drivers and passengers. Secure adequate operating and capital funding from the province and apply for other federal transportation infrastructure programs. In future, I believe a combination of light rail and electric bus service routes (feeders & frequent network/rapid routes), with regular reviews and upgrades as needed along the way.

Public safety & Policing - implement problem-oriented policing, focus on underlying causes of crime, develop strategies to solve those problems, evaluate implemented solutions, take a proactive approach to address issues before crimes occur, ongoing training for police officers to strengthen their problem-solving skills, identify crime hot-spots and ensure strong police presence to deter crime and apprehend offenders, engage residents, businesses,community groups and schools to help identify & report problems and work together to solve them.

Affordable Housing, reduce povery and homelessness increase city funding and secure funding for affordable housing directly from the federal government through its array of affordable housing programs. Work with the provincial government to access additional funding for mental health services and addiction treatment facilities. The province must be forced to assume a greater responsibility for eliminating poverty than it has in the past. Research what other municipalities are doing and implement programs that are working.

Police Budget - review, reduce, reallocate funds as needed and eliminate spending on toys and gadgets, including military style weapons & vehicles that are unnecessary. Boost officer morale, ensure proper training, self-defence skills and de-escalation techniques. Put officers back on our streets and in our communities.

Infill housing / overhaul planning & property/ Enforcement of zoning bylaws /city to follow own bylaws

        Gary has the dedication, vision and skills to be your voice at City Hall 
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great communicator


problem solver



promotes equality


Help Gary get the word out to River Heights and Fort Garry residents
Help Gary get elected on Wednesday October 26, 2022
    You can make your campaign contribution by


     by cheque payable to Gary Lenko Campaign
    1055 Dumas Avenue Winnipeg MB R3T 1W1
Contribution Rebates
for contributions between $25 and $300 the rebate is 75% of the contribution.
Rebate application forms and instructions will be sent to contributors by the official agent post election

As an individual, I’m limited to $750. to fund my campaign, I have to pay for an auditor, advertising & brochures so If you like what I have to say, please contribute if you can, every dollar helps.